"Initially, I had intended for this book to simply document the influence of their words on my dress. However, when I realized the immensity of their negative impact, I couldn’t stand by without seeking a change in the way I dress. With each day forward, in each outfit, I sought emotional and physical liberation from any toxic perceptions of my body and dress I previously had. In crafting this book, I found solace and love for my body in a way I’d never experienced"
"10/02" - An Outfit Diary. 2017. Acetate; Ingres Paper; Book Board; Cloth; Paper Tape; Transfer Marker. 38 Pages. 8''x9.5''x1''.
Front View of Book. 
First Page of Book; Close Up of Hand Transferred Type.
Outfits Printed on Acetate; Transparent and Layered. 
Last Page. 
Flipping Through the Pages.
Close Up of Last Three Pages; Nude Body.
Close Up of Back Cover.
Back View of Book.

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