The places we've been intertwine with our family's identity. From Albania, to Greece, to America, our bond has evolved and our outlooks transformed. In crafting this tapestry, I've never felt so in touch with the artisanal culture of  my Albanian ancestors. Each tassel, cut and tied by hand…Each stage of our immigration can be characterized by one word, Frike (Fear), Dashuri (Love), Zhvendosje (Displacement), Te ardhmen (Future). Although each journey meant sacrifice and hardship, we may not look at the world with such optimistic and hopeful eyes without those experiences. The most important thing is that I never forget where I come from... 
"Fijet qe Lidhin Familjen" (The Threads that Weave Our Family). 2017. 
UV Printing on Canvas; Embroidery Thread; Hand and Machine Stitching. 36''x50''
Close Up View of Hand Stitching. 
Abstracted Albanian Eagle Design. Adobe Illustrator.
Draped Tapestry.
Close Up View of Handmade Tassels
Close Up View of Hand Embroidered Font and Symbols.
Close Up View of Hand Embroidered Title.
View of Back of Tapestry.

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